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Greg Myerson
IGFA World Record Striped Bass

IGFA Saltwater World Records   US State Record Striped Bass
Greg Myerson
Photo Credit: Kierran Broatch

IGFAOfficial IGFA All Tackle World Record — 81 lbs 14 oz (37.14kg)
Greg Myerson — August 4, 2011 — Long Island Sound, Westbrook, CT
Live Eel on 60-pound fluorocarbon leader with 6/0 octopus hook.
Time Required to Boat Fish: 20 Minutes
Tackle: 6-½ foot St. Croix tuna rod with roller guide tip — Quantum Cabo reel — 50-lb. Berkley Gorilla Braid

Al McReynolds
1982 - 2012 World Record Striped Bass

Al McReynolds Al McReynolds
and his former World Record
Striped Bass
caught on the
Vermont Ave Jetty,
Atlantic City, New Jersey
September 21, 1982
78-pound 8-ounces
Length 53 inches,
Girth 34 ½ inches
Female; Year of "birth" determined
by biologists as 1946!

Line: 20 lb Ande® Premium
Monofilament - Pink
Lure: Rebel 5-½" Black-back Silver Minnow
Time Required to Land Fish:
1 Hour 40 Minutes

Read our Exclusive First Person Series:
Fishing with the Master

Excerpt Below

Fishing with the Master
Part I
Al McReynolds - IGFA Striped Bass World Record Holder
by Bob D'Amico

Originally Published 1998

he appointment with Al McReynolds had been scheduled for about a week; we were to meet at the offices of L. B. Huntington Company, the manufacturer famous for the original saltwater spoon, in Norfolk, Virginia. During the previous days I think I came up with about a thousand questions for Al and wondered if he would get annoyed being asked questions, he has probably answered about ten thousand times. Well that's not Al, he's 52 now and its been seventeen years since he landed the IGFA All Tackle World Record Striped Bass and although it has changed his life it has not changed him into an arrogant, egoist. He is still the simple down to earth guy who fished the Vermont Ave jetty in Atlantic City with his friends every night he could. They had formed a "club" of their own called the West Ghost Striper Club, a group of men who came in the night and were always gone by sunrise.

The night of September 21, 1982, he went to fish the jetty on the same street he lived on most of his life because he knew that his chances of breaking his personal best record of 39 pounds were good. A Nor'easter had blown through, churned up the water and he and his friend Pat Erdman knew that big bass would be lurking near the jetty feeding on any bait fish that were slammed against the rocks by the surging water. He had hooked big bass there before but had never managed to get the fish under control, a few times he had been “spooled” by bass and he was determined to stick out the bad weather, waves and wind, to get a 50 pounder.

Plugging with a black over silver Rebel he hooked THE fish and fought it for one hour and forty minutes before it was beaten and he and Pat could pull it clear of the rocks. The rest of the story perhaps will never be told but it is not all happiness and joy. It’s a story of corporate greed, enmity, jealousy, new best “buddies” who may best be described as “vultures.” Read More of Part I >>

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