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Striped Bass Fishing Information

A continuous growing collection of emails and Message Board questions from StriperSurf readers. Each email includes my answers, some short, some long.

Bass: Striped Bass Weght Calculator plus Age - Length - Weight Chart,
All Fish Species Weight Calculator - Measuring the Length of a Fish

You don't need to kill it unless you're going to eat it or stuff it. Use this chart to measure your "keeper" on the beach and then "let'er Go."" A handy pocket sized version of the chart is available for downloading, it's free too!

Bait Fishing: "Let's Get Serious!"
"The Fine Line Between Fish and Man" If you are a serious fisherman and want to increase your chances of hooking AND catching a trophy bass you should read this two part article. You might not agree with it 100% but that's what makes fishing interesting.

Bait Fishing: Chunk Bait Fishing
Chunk Bait Fishing  - article on sister site Trophy Rigs.comChunking is smelly, dirty and messy but striped bass sure do love their fresh chunks. This article applies to any bait, Menhaden (Bunker), Mackeral, Herring, Anchovey or whatever is prevalent in your waters.

Fishing with Clams
The ubiquitous Skimmer Clam, used throughout the Northeast and why it's one of the best striper baits. Plus an American history lesson!

Bait Behavior: How It Affects Your Striper Surf - Jim Freda

Bunker, Bunker, and More Bunker and Big Bass Too! - Jim Freda

Bunker and Trophy Bass - Jim Freda

Clams, Bunker, or Herring for Springtime Trophy Stripers - Jim Freda

Herring Choices for Spring Striper Fishing - Frank Daignault
Spring herring, also known as alewives, are about the only early season free swimming forage available to stripers....

Circle Hooks - Chris Gillin
Survivability & More Hook-Ups are a Win/Win Combo

Essential Reading for the Striped Bass Fisherman - Dave Micus
An in depth look at a few of the very best striped bass fishing books.

Fall Jiggin' Party Boat Style!
Some tips and pointers you need to know if you're new at this type of Fall fishing.

Fishing with Eels - Rich Russo
A look at striped bass fishing with "snakes" from caring for your eels to techniques. ©2003-2013 Robert Ervin &

Dragging the Eel and Other Lessons Learned
Professional angler Joe Lyons' different method and approach to eel fishing for striped bass.

Fishing the Fury: Reaping the Rewards of a Blitz - John Budish
Specific tips on how to prepare and fish a blitz.

Fishing Instinctively - Capt. Bruce Peters
"There are times when I get a sense or a hunch about a spot or a place, some call it “reading the water” others even try to teach this skill, but mostly its the subconscious remembrances of fishing spots we’ve visited before."

Fishing at Island Beach State Park - Bob D'Amico
Full Color Map.  Information on specific fishing spots from the north end to Barnegat Inlet. Reading the Water, Tides and influence of the phases of the Moon.

How to Rig Red Gills and Teasers - Bob D'Amico
Manufactured teaser rigs are too short. This will show you the RIGHT way to tie a Red Gill or any other teaser and save a buck or two at the same time.

New Jersey Beach Buggy (4 x 4) Access
List from the NJ Beach Buggy Association ( with information on Permits, Fees and Access Points for towns from Sandy Hook south to Cape May.

Livelining Menhaden (Bunker) for Striped Bass 
“ of the most exciting methods of enticing big fish is by using live bunker for bait. There is a real adrenaline rush that comes from watching an out-sized bass bat around the bunker on the end of your line. You know you're in when the line starts peeling off your reel as though it was attached to a jet ski. ”

Memorable Stripers - Frank Daignault
"I beached the nicest striper of our season, 51 pounds. Looking down upon it in the wet sand, I just knew what I was going to find. It was a case of confirming something about which I was certain. There, front hook buried deep in its maw, was...."

Migrating Stripers: How Will You Do? - Frank Daignault
"All of the things you've learned to use work on moby stripers. Don't let anybody tell you that big bass only eat meat or bait while refusing artificials. My wife, Joyce, and I have our catches of 40 and 50 pounders evenly split between live eels and swimming plugs."

The "Milk Run" Surf Technique
David Weidner explains his "militaristic" approach to Striper fishing. Scouting the key fishing sites and employing quick strike mobile surf fishing principles. Sounds like David has become the NJ version of Frank Daignault and Erwin Rommel.

Moby Stripers Then and Now - Frank Daignault
"The best striper fishing is now and the biggest stripers say 45 pounds or better -- will be coming in the next few years. They will not be easy to find but then they never were."

November Trophies - Capt. Jim Freda
"For the most consistent action in the early part of this month live peanut bunker will be the best bait to use as these can easily be netted or snagged. Fish them whole. If you are using artificials then you can try the...."

Springtime Big Bass - Capt. Jim Freda
"Opportunities abound at this time of year ... to do battle with their coveted trophy, the striped bass. From Sandy Hook to Cape May, the flyfisherman can find rock jetties and long stretches of pristine beaches perfectly suited for another "season in the suds."

Striped Bass Habitat
Key information from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

Striped Bass Test
Test your knowledge of striped bass. Crib sheet provided if you need some help.

Trophy Striped Bass
Fresh and Saltwater Records for each State

Wind Direction and its Localized Effect on the Striper Bite - Capt. Jim Freda
A detailed investigation and explanation of winds and how they effect striped bass fishing.

World Record
Still looking for a 40 or 50 or 60? Photo and details of the +81 pound record fish. Be careful what you wish for...

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