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Striped Bass Test
Objective: answer eight (8) or more questions correctly.
A link for a pop-up Answers/Cribsheet is located on the bottom of the page.

1. What is the optimal (best) temperature range for Striped Bass? A: 45 to 50 F
B: 51 to 62 F
C: 55 to 68 F
D: 63 to 71 F

2. The scientific name for a Striped Bass is Morone saxatillis. This is derived from Greek and Latin, what is the correct translation?

A: Stupid Rock
B: Lined Bass
C: Rock Bass
D: Rocks and Lines
E: None of the above

3. Which state usually has the highest Striped Bass mortality rate? In other words, in which state are more bass caught and NOT returned to the water.

A: Maryland
B: New Jersey
C: New York
D: Massachusetts
E: North Carolina
F: Rhode Island

4. Striped Bass are considered pretty good swimmers and have been known to migrate as much as 12 miles per day. What is the highest speed a Striped Bass has been "clocked" at?

A: 8 MPH
B: 10 MPH
C: 15 MPH
D: 20 MPH
E: 27 MPH

5. Striped bass usually spawn in the tributaries of major rivers however the spawn of Hudson River striped bass takes place in the main body of the river. Which area of the Hudson has the highest spawning concentration?

A: Just north of the George Washington Bridge
B: Around Peekskill
C: Around West Point/Highland Falls
D: Just south of Albany

6. Which method of Striped Bass fishing has the highest success ratio?

A: Fly Fishing
B: Casting small plastics
C: Casting artificial lures
D: Fresh or Live Bait

7. Which two month period is the best for Striped Bass fishing in New Jersey?

A: March and April
B: May and June
C: July and August
D: September and October
E: November and December

8. In what year was the first law passed for the protection of Striped Bass in America?

A: 1639
B: 1799
C: 1898
D: 1922
E: 1983

9. Which of the following "sins" ranks as Number One in why fishermen don't catch more Striped Bass:

A: Poorly tied knots.
B: Use of tackle and line that is too light.
C: Believing the "Locals" are telling you anything remotely close to the truth.
D: Dull hooks on rigs and lures.
E: Use of spoiled bait.

10. A 25 pound striped bass is approximately what age?

A: 8 - 9 years
B: 10 - 11 years
C: 12 - 13 years
D: 14 - 15 years

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