Buck PrivateThe Last Cast is a powerful, emotionally charged, memoir covering the life and times of a Father and Son, their experiences as Warriors and the bond they formed on the beaches of New Jersey. It contains coarse language and images which some may find disturbing. Although it is far less graphic than most films, television and computer games it is not recommended for young readers.

It is not our intention to offend anyone or any group of people however the language used reflects the reality of the times and actual dialogue. Readers who are not familiar with the history of the time periods involved and the terminology used will find a historical background section, glossary and links to sources of additional information at the bottom of the page.

The page code and graphics have been compressed as much as possible however loading may take a few minutes on a dial up modem. It is worth the wait. You might also consider reading this memoir when there are not a lot of people around.

The author has requested that he retain his anonymity. That shall be done.