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Kayak Fishing

ince started back in 1998 a lot of progress has been made in the designs, equipment and accessories available for kayak fishermen. These improvements have prompted many surfcasters to make the "leap" close off shore in kayaks specifically designed for fishing.

Photo by Jon Shein
Manhasset Harbor Blitz - Photo by Jon Shein

The photo above is a good representation of the opportunity that, in most circumstances, only a kayak fisherman can enjoy. One of those 21 foot center console fishing boats with a 150hp engine would put the fish down almost immediately. A kayak fisherman can stay close and fish the blitz within yards of the action.

We offer here five articles that will help anyone comtemplating this unique part of recreational fishing to make the right decision. Please read them carefully before spending your dollars and oh yes, don't forget that a personal Flotation Device (PFD) is your most important piece of equipment!

Choosing a Kayak
East Coast Kayak Fishing
Coastal Kayak Fishing
Fishing's Fast Lane - Targeting big fish in the Pacific, dynamite pictures!
Live Eels and Kayaks at Night - How to Nail the Big Girls!

For on-line information, questions and answers, check out the Kayaking Fishing Forum on the StriperSurf Forums.

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