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Kayak Fishing Going out on the seas in very small plastic boats and getting towed by very big fish!!

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Old 03-07-2007, 05:49 PM
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Question Kayak fishing tournaments?

Hey guys,
I am new to the forum, this is my first post. I purchased a Hobie kayak last year and all I can say to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a fishing kayak is take a good look at the Hobie pedal line before you purchase any other brand. Might be a little more expensive and a little heavier but once you are out on the water you will forget about those things. AWESOME!!!

I got into fishing from the surf about 5 years ago and can't get enough of it, however when I picked up the yak last year I have to admit I spent most of my time on the freshwater. I am ready to try the salt, however even though I am an above average swimmer I am usually fishing alone so I have been hesitant. What I am wondering is if there are any saltwater kayak fishing tournaments coming up this year in the tri-state area. If so the details would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 03-07-2007, 07:26 PM
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Default Re: Kayak fishing tournaments?

Stick around here there'll be plenty of chances to meet up and yak with the great people from this very site, if your close to Sandy Hook look for when the Spermacetti Wolfpack is meeting up here or in the NJ forum on KFS they usually leave from lot C. As for tournaments their is the NJ Angler Magazine Tournament has a Kayak division May 19th. Island Beach State Park, keep checking in the main forum as well to join up with team Striper Surf,
And theirs Jamaica Bay May 6th.
Hope to see you out on the water.

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. ~Henry David Thoreau
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Old 03-07-2007, 07:31 PM
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Default Re: Kayak fishing tournaments?

First of all welcome. Alot of great info here. Alot of us transitioned from the sweetwater into salt on a yak. There is a simply amazing kayak tournament the first weekend of May. It is the kayak fishing stuff tournament in Jamaica Bay Long Island. Not only is a killer fishing spot, the get together lasts up to 3 days an there are hundreds of yakers there. It is REALLY low-key and people of all levels and experiences will find plenty to do.

Swing by www.kayakfishingstuff.com You can thank me later. There may be other message boards out there for fishing, fishing salt and fishing kayaks. But none beat this one and KFS for friendly sharing of ideas and no attitudes. There like here you find plenty of people willing to show you the ropes. And/or just hang out and fish with.

I just got a Revo and am going to tear up the sods this year, you are welcome to come along any time.

Good luck and hopefully you can come up to Jbay with the rest of us.

"The Wheel is Turning and You Can't Slow it Down."
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Old 03-09-2007, 12:38 PM
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Default Re: Kayak fishing tournaments?

Thanks for the info and the warm welcome. Most of my surf fishing is done in and around the Sandy Hook area so I will keep an eye out for the Wolfpack and I'll keep my kayak with me. I am also a member of the Kayak Fishing Stuff forum and that is in fact where I purchased my Kayaks. A good group of guys over there. I have the Hobie Sport fisherman and the Outfitter, which I never use, the girlfriend wanted me to get it. The Revolution looks like a sweet craft. The Jamaica Bay sounds like the one but I Will probably be at both. Do you meet at the Jbay tournament or do you meet somewhere local?

Thanks again and I'll be checking the forum frequently.
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