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Originally Posted by kayakkrazy View Post
Hey Scoob I have some ideas on how to ID your shark. What shape was the nose was it conical and sharp or blunt and kind of flat? If it was sharp it may have been a Thresher or even a Mako if it was flat perhaps a Bull. Here are some of my thoughts on what species it may have been. It's unlikely that it was a Bull Shark it prefering water temps of 70F or more. Plus if its as big as you thought Bulls max out at about 10'. As far as being a Thresher they do like cooler water and can grow to a very large size 15' +. However I would think the distinct elongated tail fin would have been visible when you saw the shark at the end of the fight. I say this because you describe seeing 3' of the shark beyond the dorsal. On a thresher that size the upper part of the tail would have been very long. It would have stuck out of the water especially if it struggled at all when you saw it. I think one of the keys in IDing your fish is the teeth. If they stuck out beyond the jaw and were long and thin it may have been a very large Sand Tiger Shark. Do you remember seeing a secondary dorsal one closer to the tail? A Sand Tiger's secondary dorsal is almost as big as the primary. Sand Tigers are common in NJ and can get very large 12'+. Look online at some pics of all these species I would love to know if you can figure out what you had. By the way guys in SW Florida catch large Bull Sharks from shore all the time. Most of them use standup Tuna gear but a few use big spin outfits.
I agree with you on the sand tiger theory,I took a 2 from sea bright a few years back and had 1 last year off the rail in manasquan(took a finesse) they were not as large as the the one Scoob hooked,largest was about 5 feet. I can see why they would be mistaken for a thresher though due to the elongated tail.
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