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just got back from the highlands. hit sea bright from three am to nine am. lots of shorts to twenty six inches, even the life guards got three. cute femininas all over. As an added bonus my buddy Jimbo (different jim) got a mahi mahi bluefish about fourteen inches long, neon yellow bluefish awesome sight to behold. Lots of red algae in the wash nasty looking. must have made its way out from the bay . went to the highlands bayside huge schools of glass minnows got three blues smaller than bunker all on a deadly dick. is it me or are glass minnows the coolest looking things when wearing polorized sunglasses, lol. the point was packed with over one hundred rods and no fish. went out on the Fisherman for the three thirty trip. two of my close friends are mates. Twenty two keepers 2 over 15lbs, pot fish was 24 i had one hit the entire time and it was a 29 inch rocket. fished bayside by the lighthouse. tons of boats. two other party boats were in our slick and they totalled only 5 combined keepers. Almost fell asleep driving home Nasty storm too.
48 hours plus no sleep must fish.
In regards to the shark i believe if it was a bull shark i would never even have even seen what it was. Especially if it were that big. A ten to fourteen foot bull would probably double the weight of the thresher and even with the proper gear and a fighting chair would have taken much longer to get up close. I could be wrong never caught a true shark before. but i know of one guy who took six hours his whole family and three mates on a charter boat down south 6.5 hours to land a 7.5foot bull and it broke the fighting chair right off the bat so they couldn't really get any leverage on it (kinda like being on the beach) and that was with big game equipment not a spinner. But you never know, anything is possible.
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