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Default Re: Still Casting......

Our tournament is a little different from most in that it is wide open beaches, no stations, and 60 hours non-stop should you wish. I used to love fishing it prior to becoming a BOD member and helping to host it. That being said I very much enjoy visiting with our anglers and seeing them enjoy is a rewarding experience.

I'm healing but just have to learn to pace myself. It didn't phase me turning 50 or 60 but this 70 thing is a new deal, particularly since at times mentally I can still be 18. I have high hopes as I now have several friends who have remained active into their 80s and I can't help but remember when considering youthful antics I'm lucky to be alive.

When you decide to make the NC run please reach out. I'm only 100 road miles from the Outer Banks and would enjoy giving you the tour. I'll even provide bait and advise for free.....or you could bring a case of IPAs as a gesture!


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