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Default Re: Need your prayers

Well, I've been answering phones, crying, answering more phones, doing some more crying, and praying all day.. I'm completely physically and mentally exhausted. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with..

To make a long story short (so I can get back to my mother), I have faith in the healing power of God. I'm a believer and my faith is what's keeping my faily strong.. So, If you don't agree with the following, please keep it to yourself for my sake

My father was operated on for about 3 hours.. When the doctor returned, he had a look on his face like something went wrong. Apparently they only partially broke up the blood clot and couldn't remove the rest which in his eyes was very bad for my father. He basically labeled my father as screwed..

As a believer and a very strong Christian, I refused to believe that this was the end of my fathers life. He's a great man and loved by everyone he comes across. We've been praying back and forth with members of our churches in the Philipines, Virginia, & New Jersey all day. Basically, Instead of getting worse like the doctor said, My father has been IMPROVING. He's now talking and has partial movement on his left side/ The doctors are shocked, but my family is blessed. Our prayers are being answered..

Please continue your prayers if possible. The next 48 hours are critical. Thank you all for your prayers and support.. Being only 25, I haven't really lost a lot of my family members. It's hard to think about losing my father and I'm keeping my faith strong that he'll be up and running soon. Thanks again.

Bob: If I crossed the line with religious statements, I appologize. But what happened today is too amazing to be labeled as luck

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