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Default Re: Buying my first "real" surf reel & rod

Thanks Rob. My answer was rushed a bit so I'll add more now...

My buddy replaced his white stradic 5000 with a cabo 50. So far so good from his prespective. I've used it and can't say anything bad off the top of my head. Shimano wise make sure to open the port and oil it right from the factory. They like lots and lots of oil. I have a stella 5000fa, stradic 8000fd and the white straid my buddy once owned (bearings arw roasted). All of them take a ton of oil. I used vegatble oil, works great, cheap, and if I remember correctly its what shimano uses (I'll double check on that for you Monday).

The downside on shimano...the line roller bearings suck and you must service them frequently or call buckos in fall river and pay 24 bucks for one. (keep that greased, clean grease, white lithium is what I use)

To be fair there are other reels that have the same issue, specifically diawa. (I own two saltists, and one emblem pro). All have noisy line roller bearings.

I don't recommend the Tica solely because of the guide insert popping out issue. In that price range the tsunami is mich much much more rod for the money (I've owned both, my TC2 sits idle in my garage waiting for re-wrapping of guides).

Thats about all the good imput I have. All of which are is highly subjective and solely a matter of my own personal experience. Your results/opinion may vary.
Jon Spencer
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