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Default Re: Buying my first "real" surf reel & rod

These are hard questions to answer objectively but here goes:

Are the stradic 5000 and cabo 40 enough? It depends. Many consider only the size of the fish they will be catching and not what they are throwing and how heavy they will be throwing. The size and weight of your offering will determine how much stress the reel will receive cast after cast.

Is the stradic better than the cabo? Similar feature set and price point, close enough to be called by user preference. I've used the stradic for a while before replacing and loved it. One of the smoothest drags available.

Tica plus cabo 40 and 30# braid sound good? Could tell you yes and you could hate it. All depends on what your looking to do with it. If you gave me that combo I would toss eels. Without knowing what action of the rod is hard to say if it would plug well.
Jon Spencer
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