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Default Re: Buying my first "real" surf reel & rod

I agree don't sell that Daiwa short.

That said, if you want to shell out the $ then *either* of those reels are great

Are the stradic 5000 and cabo 40 "enough" for stripers on the beach?

yes no doubt about it

Is the Stradic $30 better than the Cabo?
I like Shimano better than Quantum, your choice

Is the cabo $50 better than the Pennbattle?

No idea, many like the battle... I haven't checked the specs
but the battle is "relatively" heavy

I am leaning Cabo with 20lb braid. I figured I'd ask the experts.

TICA 9' 2-6oz TC2 + Cabo40NT + 190yds 30lb braid ... Sound good?

use 30lb braid spinning for stripers, not 20
-- Rob Switzer
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