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Default Re: Book Talk: Fly Fishing the Striper Surf

I probably should've put my previous post under the other "flyfishing" thread.

As far as the book goes...

Frank, You seem to write as part of a business...words, time and money in...hopefully more money out and back for you. You seem to be a very competent journalist. What I see in your FF book is that your book isn't as detailed as some other FF books, yet what is in there has more substance and is based on more time in the surf than a lot of others. I'm not sure if you see yourself this way, and I think others here would agree with me, but I see you as an artist as well...that is, you have a certain writing style. You have certain sayings, some humorous and some blatantly honest, that are all part of you being "Frank" with us. We see it in your books and on this website. You mentioned in another thread about people saying things about you on other websites. I can tell you right now that you're mentioned in emails off site...from me and others...good things. I have frequently given fishing info during discussions with friends, given you credit for it, and stated that part of your credability comes from 20 years with your family figuring out what does and doesn't work...I think many of us think of you as more of a fishing cult leader than you realize. From a business standpoint I understand why you don't want to publish other books you have in the works...but a lot of us think you should publish those words...somehow. We will read them. You have more to say to us, and I'd guess that many of us would quote what you haven't yet said, many years from now...

Frank Z.
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