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Default Re: Book Talk: Fly Fishing the Striper Surf

Bob makes some very valid points.
I've been a fly fisher almost as long as a surfcaster. Got my first flyrod for my 10th birthday and grew up trout and panfish fishing with it. I still maintain the long rod is the most effective tool for worm or hellgramite fishing. Using the flyrod for stripers came just as naturally to me as using a spin or casting rod but I really didn't use it regularly in the salt until the late 1960's. Some of my best friends were and are flyfishermen.

On the other hand, some of the most offensive snobs I've ever met were/are flyfishermen and I've known many. Two of the best known and celebrated anglers in the 60s and 70s were Lee Wulff and Col. Joe Bates. Both were popular FF authors and did much to perpetuate that part of the sport. Unfortunately both were legends in their own minds and, gave flyfishing a bad rap with anglers who think it's cool to imitate their antics.

I've met many like the Orvis posterman Ragman cites and believe me, they are cast in the image of both Wulff, Bates and other authors who have attempted to convince their readers that there is no other way to fish and all other methods are below the sophisticated anglers' dignity to pursue and the next thing to poaching.

There is nothing wrong with flyfisihing. If you have a bad experience, 99% of the time its' the fisherman, not the fishing method. But that's just my take on it.
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