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Nicely put, Joe. I view the Internet with great distrust, especially those first years. We have some people around, who, based upon their earlier behaviour, ought to be ashamed of themselves. How can someone rip others up and down anonymously? You have to have the balls of a field mouse. If you want to see how the old guard would have fared in today's Internet, just look at what is done routinely. Go over to Fiction . Somehow, I do think it is getting better.

Your remarks, to get back on track and out of this rant, about artistry largely from the rich is easy to support. I grew up, though I was slightly younger, with Edwin O'Conner, who authored The Last Hurrah about Boston's mayor Curley. O'Conner's dad was a very pricy heart specialist who paid all the bills so Edwin could nitter at a typewriter. My Daddy was a fire fighter.
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