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Default Re: Kayak Suggestions

Hope your not going to buy from them its $200 more for shipping Don't know much about that one, but have heard of unhappy people with others from that brand.
Sit ins arn't the best for the surf or fishing in general, but people do use them effectivly if thats your choice and the size you want in the price range you may be better off with this one Express.
If your looking for a 10 footer sit on top you could probably get a malibu mini-x in the $650 range, or look into the 12' like a redfish 12 or tarpon 120, 2 yaks people love and have used for years.
IMO if after shipping your dropping $600 go another 100 and get a more "proven" fishing yak. With a cheap crappy yak you may just get turned off instead of enjoying and with a better one the resale will be higher if in turn you don't like it or do upgrade.
Ask away if you have more ?'s

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