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Default Re: Al Bentsen: Your Googan Days?

Originally Posted by Frank Daignault
But I have never, ever been able to understand drinking and fishing or drinking and hunting. And I know that people do it.
AGREED 110%!!!

Alcohol will intensify googanism. Where I fish alcohol is prohibited, but even if it weren't, why someone would dampen their senses when the acuity of sensory perception, and reaction time is a must, is beyond me. Every instance I have heard of, when people have driven into the Barnegat inlet, had inebriation as a factor. It's work to get a vehicle in there. There are entirely to many perils that present themselves in that enviorment that a self induced one is just bad judgement.
It's one thing to get into a predicament because of inexperience, it's another because of intoxification. Combining both is very bad.

So what was your friend using, and what did you wind up switching to?

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