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Default Re: Al Bentsen: Your Googan Days?

Heres a groogan thing I did on a trip to the cape in the late 60,s or early 70,s.

I had been fishing the Jones inlet jetty since 1962 with great success. I mean fishing every night I could get out on it. From early May until the season ended. I fished my rigged eels in the bay when conditions were to rough on the jetty.

The way I fished the jetty was the same way I fished the bay with loaded eels down deep and slow.I was fishing 20 to 30 feet of water out there. When people were around me I didn't let on to what I was doing. I would cast leave the reel in free spool and start turning the handle like I was working it in. Of couse I was counting to 20 then reeling it after it had sunk to the bottom. This allowed me to catch most or all of the bass that were going to come off the jetty. There were weeks that the same guys would watch me catch and they caught nothing or very few.

Any way to get back to the groogan thing. I went up to the cape after a very successful season back home. Out of habit I fished the cape the same way I was fishing the jetty. Not thinking what I was doing. I caught nothing. My friend Charlie was getting 40# bass every night. Poor Al zip. We were fishing together in different trucks. So we weren't talking when we were driving. On the 3rd night It dawned on me I was fishing the same way I fished the jetty and I always caught bass fishing the rigged eel high and fast in the cape. Needless to say I started to catch when I changed.

So you see even a experienced fisherman can make major googan mistakes.

I never told anybody about this just you.

That jetty has filled in. So right now it's a secret about a stone pile that has had better day's. It's surrounded by little water.
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