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Default Re: Is Trump Your President?

I am also tired of these charges of racism. Why is it that white people can be racist but those of color are not? When I was in college, I used to hang out in the dining center between work and my 4:00 PM class. When I sat down at a different table, the blacks would all get up and move presumably they didn't like me because I was white. Its not my fault that I am white; I never did anything to them. Why were they so unkind? Isn't that racism too? Isn't that sort of a double standard? What kind of convoluted culture are we living in where one race can abuse the other?

Then we have these female storm troopers, known politely as the "Squad", who go around accusing whites of racism. I am having a lot of trouble with this stuff. They are making ME a racist where I have always been on their side. These girls are bad for America. Telling them to go back is unpopular. Maybe we could just ask them to shut up.
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