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Default Re: it was a wash yesterday

Rob don't hesitate to "pm" me either just saw this stuff- Hook knows his stuff he always posts good stuff and knows the area! The state 4x4 permit would offer the most bang for your buck and access for one permit, the trick is they are sold until April's end and don't go on sale again until after Labor Day. Gives you access across the Island- Jones beach Robert Moses, Sunken Meadow on the North Shore, even Montauk parking right at the point and easy access. Gives a lot of night fishing and pre dawn access, it's a no brainer. I use the parking more than the 4x4 as I like to walk most areas from the truck and "lay low". Let me know if you have questions as well. Your daughter has you visiting a great area haha. You are gonna be right in Bentsen/JC territory another thing to keep in mind when looking through old threads. Google earth Jones beach and Robert Moses inlets and back bay areas and get back to me ALOT to explore...
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