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Default Re: it was a wash yesterday


I know this is some of your territory...

ok, so the daughter moves to Levittown, and I'll be there early July for a week, most likely, as we have a new grandchild on the way.

What are the best options for beach access and fishing, my current MO for fishing is usually up around 4:30 to get out by 5 latest and hit some sand somewhere.
I gave up the all/mid nighters as it's disruptive for all the other work and family events that I get dragged into nowadays, though if there is action
a 11PM run is not out of the question, if I have some confidence of finding action.

Of course this is new territory for me, and they are a straight shot at Jones beach, a little over RM, and east further Smith Point.

None of the beach 4wd fees look daunting, even for short term, compared with Jersey, although I'm not sure about SP as that is a county park, not sure
how easy or expensive it is to get there, nor doable in July with the flutttering situation no doubt in flux. No matter what
I'm likely to be back out there September or so for a trip to the Holy City (Montauk, I'm considering a boat charter to chase albies on the fly), as well as 3rd week in November.

So, walk on options? drive on options?

where are my best places to head, as a newbie to LI, specifically the south shore?
I received some VERY Helpful info from another site, but knowing some here fish out that way, looking for some other recommendations.
-- Rob Switzer
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