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Default Re: Al Bentsen: Your Googan Days?

I understand that you wouldn't want to be tipsy in the dark of night on slippery stones on rounded-over Korkers, but being that this is a Jersey-dominated site, what's the harm of a few beers? Are you concerned that guys are going to fall off their tailgates (or Ragman off his bucket)?

Anyway, hunting is different. I grew up in the sticks and drank beers deerhunting in high school, but in reflection it was foolish.

It's interesting to hear about Al's development becasue one thing stands out to me - finding something that works and sticking with it. I for one try to be a jack of all trades, fishing all up and down the striper coast pugging, bait fishing the beach, and doing both from my kayak - all within the first 5 years of my first striper fishing trip. I'd probably do better to pick one and master it.
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