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Default Re: How have Outdoor READERS changed over the last 20-30 years?

The thing about books is matching the book's thrust with the interest of the reader. Few books interest me: I enjoy surf fishing books because I enjoy, vicariously, how the author displays his non-knowledge of surfcasting the striper surf. Books in the field in which I have published the last 40 years are immensely informative of their googanistic inexperience. How can a person with a best seller fail to mention the notion of night fishing?

But a book that informs me like Lee Wulf's "ATlantic Salmon" I will read over again and again because I respect his prose and background in that field. (Hopefully, there are people out there in the world who view me that in that way striper fishing.) But we all have different interests/tastes literary.

Our mutual friend, Rich O'cooner, aka "Merlin", is a journalistic follower of Capstick who is an African big game hunter who has captured the charm, history, and frolic of the jungle rifle. I am indebpted to both the author Capstick and Rich for bringing him to my attention. I now have all the Capstick works which enjoy periodic reread, ferrying me away to a dream world nearly as good as the real one that enjoys the stench of burnt powder. True, dear and loyal members who come here, there is a lot of crap out there, but one good read that tickles your soul is worth a memorable revisit. In memorable authors, I am on the list, even if one on a scale of ten, but I hope I am on the list.
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