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Default Re: How have Outdoor READERS changed over the last 20-30 years?

Originally Posted by Francis Daignault View Post
What seems to be very popular news are the fishing reports like those offered in The Fisherman When reader surveys are conducted the fishing reports lead. Also, my annual fifties count is wildly popular.

I also don't think that outdoor publications contain much fake news like your morning paper. This week, after years of telling readers sugar was bad for them, they came out this week saying sugar substatute is bad.
For what it's worth I subscribe to a wide variety of fishing publications I might not agree with an article or even an editorial view, but it's always fun to read who is saying what.

I have a re-discovered love for the fishing reports.

In my neck of the woods I know many of the people being cited and I know what they are catching and I can also count the dead racks in the dumpster

The reports are a specific reflection of reality whereas there articles largely deal with what might be. And once in a while I'll be impressed if a writer will venture a guess as to why

While I used to curse the inflated reports, now I just apply a discount factor to what was reported to get me in the ballpark of what really happened. The locations are fun because I'll know often some people were and it's fun to hear them say where they were. That's ok, I'd never say the truth either.

Might be just my view but years ago it seemed readers more often believed what was written. Or maybe just seemed that way. Now I hear more from readers who openly joke about crazy or inflated fishing reports
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