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Default Re: How have Outdoor READERS changed over the last 20-30 years?

I have appreciated Frank and a small number of other outdoor, specifically fishing, writers since I started fishing avidly (with passion) relatively late in life.... mid-40s.

As such, however, I'm now in the older demographic and see shifts in general with the younger generation... those who are coming of age in the "social media" era.

I think publications like Surfcaster's Journal, however, are hitting the nail on the head with new online multimedia format. They are trying out the combined power of blogging, youtube, with a fairly readable digital format that I haven't seen others trying to the same extent. Combine that with first rate authors (hint: Mr. Smarty graces the "pages" from time to time) that span the generations and it's a home run, from my perspective.

I really wonder, however, if it's possible to get a bead on what the younger audience wants... or more to the point, how they will feel most comfortable consuming the outdoor writing. It's not so much the content that will change, since hunting and fishing at their basic core won't change, but how the readers will access and consume that content, IMO.
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