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Default Re: Twenty years from now?

Well, I haven't been posting much lately, so here goes...
I never thought I would leave Jersey, but plan on heading to SC (coastal area) when I retire in March. I will probably make some trips back up here after that and do some fishing. I will be 75 then, and surely not as agile as I once was, or am today. If I come back in 20 years, I would hope that Island Beach is still here, and not sold off by the state to generate money to pay for my "Golden Parachute Pension" as the current Govenor likes to portray it. If it hasn't, I would expect that things will be about the same. There will be buggys on the beach, people either fishing bait or plugging. Guys going crazy over blitzes when they occur, those that know what they are doing, still fishing the same way as those that did it before them did, much as I do today. I would expect that there will be changes in tackle and such, stronger lines, more realistic looking plugs and such. However, I believe that the basic premise that we use today, find the fish, learn structure, check the tides, etc, will never change.
The people change, the fish and the ocean dont...
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