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Default Re: Qualifications to Write a Surfcasting Book

Never forget that a book needs two things: knowledge of the subject and writing skills. There are some awful books out there on surfcasting. Here is a list of things NO surfcasting book should have:

Mentioning the name of a every sonofabitch you've ever known surfcasting.
Illustrating with too much day photos for what is largely done at night.
Exaggeration of how good the fishing was, often to the point that it is physically impossible for one person to land that kind of tonnage.
Avoid over-regionalization. You can't write a book about one tiny spot.
Be conscious of surfcasting ethics, regulation.
Photos of dead fish grip-n-grin are okay but limit their use and rely more upon action photos taken at night.

I made some of these mistakes with my first book, "Twenty Years."
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