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Default Re: The Hunting/Shooting Thread

Mr. Merlin, I think I'm going to spring for one. I put feed and water [especially in dry weather] out daily for a lot of wild animals at my old home place, and I suspect that cats, foxes, ground hogs and other stuff are the ones that clean everything up every night.
My neighbor has shown me some fascinating pictures from his.
Couple years ago, another neighbor showed me a picture of a live, yellowish, full grown cougar that her cousin took with a night camera, two miles outside the city limits of Siler City here in the Piedmont, human population thick as flies. And it was a cougar, not a bobcat. I grew up with bobcats, and my son trapped and lost a black mountain lion that broke the chain and escaped. He set for the animal because it had been seen numerous times. But the wildlife people claim that there are none in N.C.
Dozens of people have seen them. Yeah, as usual, I got way off the subject.

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