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Default Re: Twenty years from now?

Just got back from the beach with my grandson. Wills is a world class caster, which is a good thing since I can't cast from my beach gurney.

I think we had a good time and may have caught some fish --- but can't remember for sure ---- it's been 15 minutes since we got back. As soon as I change these wet clothes I'll be more more comfortable -- not sure if the surf got me or if I just peed my pants again.

If we did catch anything we'll have it for dinner --- if I can find my damn teeth. If we have no fish we'll eat plover --- there's an open season on them since they have become a nuisance and health hazard and all of the natural predators are long gone to NPS trapping. Plover fever has spread and is sickening those who survived the sea turtle plague.

With any luck I'll have another report tomorrow -- if my herbalist is open for medication. I think it's been 20 years since our free healthcare put all the doctors out of business.

Sometimes I'm happy that I can't remember --- I think!


"You fish --- then you die --- or you don't fish and die anyway --- your choice"
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