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Default Re: How have Outdoor READERS changed over the last 20-30 years?

This is true but there were some very specific behaviors back in the 70s growing up that would be totally out of bounds today

As a kid I remember a weakfish run in the Raritan Bay between Staten Island and NJ summer of 1976. Pretty much all the boats went out and slayed them. Guys were loading shopping carts with weakfish. There was no room to clean them all. And there was no room to m take them home. Hundreds of them were left in the dumpster.

If you didn’t need the fish you gave them to neighbors and if they had too many the fish went to brothers friends uncle. Or they were sold if there was a buyer. Hardly ever

My father used to laugh he’d offer fish to the guys at work. The ones that didn’t fish Sure they’d take the fish “but only if they are cleaned”. Sometimes I’d clean them and bag them Give them away. Hardly ever got a buck for it. Cheap ****

Fathers friend used to run a bar. He’d take all the fish and serve free fish dinners on Fridays to the lushes

But today hey most people would never think of dumping in the dumpster or taking so many fish just to give most of it away. You’d get yelled at So maybe we have progressed a bit as civilized people
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