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Default Re: How have Outdoor READERS changed over the last 20-30 years?

Originally Posted by Francis Daignault View Post
Everything is better today -- pictures, editing, contributions, communications with writers. Advertising is better done; I even know anglers who buy to read the advertising .... believe it or not. Publications are usually more sophisticated. Only thing is that in the old days, I never was left out of a reply when I had an article idea. Today, no response is common.
Yes I agree with all of it but I wouldn't agree the writing is better. Maybe I'm wanting something that, with selective memory, seemed better than it really was.

I pick up a slick publication that cost me a bundle, I'll read two paragraphs and think 'geez' they couldn't edit out at least a couple of the tired cliches, or re-phrase it to show at least a little creativity?'

'Salt in his blood'
'Earned their stripes'
'Running on fumes'
'Seasoned pro'

But nice pictures Really nice.
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