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Default Re: Twenty years from now?

Couple other things RAG, if you plan to spend some time down under.
1. Never greet somebody by saying Hi. Say howdy or how'ya doin'.
2. Down South, no words end with an ing, just in'.
3. Practice talkin' with your thumb and fingers pushin' in on your cheeks.
4. Add an extra syllable to about every other word.
5. Don't wear the same color sock on both feet.
6. If you don't like the taste of grits, you better learn.
7. And above all, to win the trust of the locals, for your fishing vehicle, (which should be no later than about a '94 model), be damn sure to have a bumper sticker on it that says Welcome to the South,
Now go Home.
I feel sure that others will give you some more helpful survival hints.

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