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Default Prayers for RESPECTFULLY YOURS

For 257 days a Member of this community has been fighting a battle against Pancreatitis. He became very ill last spring while conducting scientific research on Squid. He was rushed to a local Hospital and then rushed to Univ of Penn where he has spent the last 256 days.

He was only a member of this community for about a year , many of you might remember Respectfully Yours a Proud Commercial Fishermen That was not only one of the best Comm Captain and fishermen on the East Coast, but he spent a lot of his free time sport fishing in the back bays. He was the first to say "" I'm a Comm Fishermen and I'm also a Rec Fishermen "".

The best way that I can describe my best friend and idle is to say that he was Perfect in every way !!!!! A perfect son, A perfect Husband, A perfect father of four, A perfect captain and to me A perfect Friend and Mentor. He taught me more then just how to catch fish , He clammed me when I was upset and scolded me when I was wrong.

It's hard for me to explain how I feel , the selfish side of me is madder then hell Why ??? Why Frank ( RY ) , Why a man that has never hurt a fly out of anger, Why a man that has done anything but try to improve the world that we live in. The other half of me keeps asking Why would God want a man like this off the face of his earth ????? It just doesn't make sense !!!! Now I know what my first question is going to be. Why did you take such a humble wonderful Perfect man ??????

Please when you say your thoughts and prayers give a special shout out to The Captain of the F/V Star Brite the father of four , the son of Clamming Frank and my best friend and mentor. Captain Frank Carrol known to some as RESPECTFULLY YOURS !!!!!!

You have been a great teacher of life and a best friend ! I can only hope that he is looking down upon us as he is steaming toward the bell with the fish hold stuffed !!!!!
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