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Authorship adds to a person's credential which helps some people in the other parts of their careers. I noticed a lot of editors of big New York mags end up writing a book which, when compared to what they get as editors, they really are not doing it for the royalty money. I mean when you are the fishing editor of huge outdoor magazine, a fishing book is no big deal. What are they going to make? Ten grand? But maybe, because I really don't know, it is a form of validation. Actually, a lot of big names don't bother. I know that I wrote for Jerry Gibbs of Outdoor Life for years and he never wrote a book. Frank Woolner, on the other hand, wrote a bunch of books. Some do, some don't. I can't footnote it but I think the most widely circulated striper book ever written was my "Striper Surf". My wife Joyce, the one who can shoot the nuts off a field mouse at 100 yards with open sites, says that "Striper Surf" is my signature title. We can all be sure that she would give an unbiased statement.
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