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Default Re: Shark Attack, Down Under!

New Shark attack in NZ:

Swimmer mauled to death by Great White Shark in front of hundreds of tourists on New Zealand beach as armed police opened fire on the animal at least 20 times

  • Adam Strange, 46, attacked at Muriwai beach near Auckland today
  • Shark up to 14ft long pulled him under the water
  • More sharks drawn to the attack as police fired shots in rescue attempt
Pio Mose, who was fishing off rocks beside the beach, described how he saw a ‘huge’ shark attack the lone swimmer 50 yards from where he was standing.
‘All of a sudden we saw the shark fin and next minute, boom, attack him and then blood everywhere on the water,' told
He told how the man appeared to struggle with the shark before it swam away – and then it, and others, came back.
Mr Mose called the police on his mobile while a friend ran to get help.

Police in inflatable rubber boats shoot at a shark off Muriwai Beach in New Zealand as they attempt to retrieve a body following a fatal shark attack

At least three sharks are believed to have been involved in the attack

‘He was still alive. He put his head up. We called him to swim over the rock to where we were.'
‘He raised his hand up and then while he was rising his hand up we saw another attack and pull him in the water.
‘He came back up. His head was on the water…then we notice he was already dead’
Mr Mosie said as blood spilled out over the water, more sharks started swimming around the area.
The fisherman and other anglers watched as the shark carried the man’s body out to sea.
‘It’s awful – it’s scary, like a nightmare to me. I was shaking, scared, panicked.’
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