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Default Re: Surf fishing? best multi-purpose rod and reel??

Totally agree Mr. Dogfish, however it should be comminucated to said 13 year old (and its a good life lesson as well) that you can't always have everything you want in one package. Relating to the rod choice, you can get close, there is some crossover in techniques that work well on one blank, however there is no multipurpose rod for any type of fishing really. In some areas a rod will shine but lack in others

I think my advice would be to pick a rod that's rating covers most of what you'd like to throw. So if the OP is looking to throw plugs and poppers and maybe do some eels, shads and bucktails maybe a 1-4 or 2-4 ounce rating should be considered. The 1-4 being favored for slim manufactured plugs (bombers, rapala's ect.

The key is to have a single rod that is fun to fish with the lures you most use. Or better performs best. Having used them prior I'd recommend a tsunami airwave as a decent start. They have fugi hardlloys, are relatively affordable, and when purchased from a big box store the opportunity to exchange or return is viable even if it breaks from your own doing.
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