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Default Re: Surf fishing? best multi-purpose rod and reel??

original poster still out there?
Started years ago with a Penn 704z reel and a cheap fiberglass 10' rod. did OK with this for years even if I had to occasionally replace a guide or tip. In my limited experience I'd rather have a good robust reel and spend a bit less on the rod. I just "upgraded" the rod to Tsunami Airwave 10' Very nice for the money. The 704z still going strong. Hard to beat these. I used this for both plugging and bait for years. Have to take it easy when throwing chunk plus a 3 oz sinker! Not ideal for everyday bait fishing. My advice: spend $150 on a decent 10' rod new. Keep an eye on local craigslist and ebay for a 704z used. They're not made anymore but still popular and not too much. Maybe $85? And will last past when you are underground.
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