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Default Re: Picking a rod Help!

Bait or Plugging,
I am a firm believer that if your going to plug for hours on end, 9' - 9' 6" rod is the longest to go with.
Don't know much about the size of the your new dawia but, you long rod pluggers, (10 ft, 11 ft) must have some damn strong wrists, arms and backs.

For bait, I do go to a 10ft rod with a weaker backbone, I'm a bait lober and don't go for distance with bait so, I like the wimpier rods. Keeps the bait on better on the cast.

Anywho, lately with many fantastic rods out there, I too am sold on the Mojo's


PS, I do have a custom build 10' plugger with a softer spine I use for pencils. But, even then its not used straigh for hours on end. Its a great plug worker.
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