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Default Re: Shark Attack, Down Under!

Originally Posted by Joe View Post
Yup. Post it up.
here's where I posted details in Frank's forum:

here's the writeup from the press of ac:

Phaedra Laird ( - 7/28/11 05:44 pm
Last Updated - 7/28/11 05:45 pm
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EGG HARBOR TWP.--Two local fishing buddies got the scare of their lives when one believes he was bitten by a shark while fishing in the bay.

"Oh, s**t, shark!" Those were the words that sent them scrambling to get out of the water.

"It kinda all happened so fast," said Ryan Sherwood, whose buddy was bitten, "adrenaline kicks in, but really at that point, you're running for your life. It was pretty intense."

Ryan and his friend, Eric Aubrey were out waist-deep in the bay fishing by Egg Harbor Township late Monday night, when something seemed to be doing some fishing of its own. "Something just grabs my leg," explained Eric, "and I said what the hell is that?"
Judging by the marks left on his leg, the holes in the waders was wearing, and how big it was, Eric believes it was a shark that got curious and went in for a taste. "It was a freak incident, it was a test bite, obviously the thing was curious," he said, "I believe that the scratches I have on my leg were my own fault, because if I were to stay still, I really believe the fish would've just bit and let go."

"I saw and heard the noise, you can hear when a big fish moves and throws a lot of water," explained Ryan, who was standing by his buddy as it happened, "I saw the wake from it, I'd say probably 6-8 feet."

The guys were about 35-40 yards off the shore when it happened and Eric says it's a good thing he was wearing those waders, otherwise this story could've had a much different ending. "I really feel they actually protected me from getting any further gashes or slashes," he said.

The guys are used to being around big fish, but aren't sure what this one was. They think it could've been a brown shark, sand tiger, or dusky, all commonly found around here, but not known for biting humans. However, they're pretty positive it wasn't a bull shark. "If it was a bull shark, I probably wouldn't have a leg," said Eric.

Regardless of what it was, it wasn't enough to scare these guys away from fishing, although it does have them a little more conscious of what's around them in the water. "Just goes to show you that Mother Nature's in control," said Eric, "you're in their water, you know?"

"I'm not gonna stop fishing by any means," said Ryan, "but I'll think twice about actually walking in the water in my waders."
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