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Default Re: Party boat togging

You can tog jigs on a party boat no problem pending the seas. 50 -60 foot is about max id do. Depending on the current a 1 2 or 3 oz is all I'd jig fish.
This year the old conventional method has out produced the jig for me. I alsway start with the jig for 20 min or so, if no results i put it down and fish conventional. Once I put a few in the pail I go back and play with the jig.
Some days the jig works, others not.
These fish are picky.
20 lb test and I prefer a floro leader as it's more abrasive.
Everyone has their own views on the jig rod. Some say you can't stop a big fish.... cant fight a big backbone to get it out of the rocks.....
The way I jig fish is a locked down drag, when the fish hits just lift the rod high try to get a turn or two on the handel and hold the fish out of the rocks, no drag.... fish can pull. Let the rod do the work and let the fish tire out.
Just hope the line does not part, hence my use of the tuffer floor. Abrasions will be on any leader, if it pops it pops, that is tog fishing.

This super cold front will shut these fish down for a few days. I fish on the fish monger, the premier NJ tog boat and this weekend he pulled it out for the season....
The Mimi is still running and is a good tog boat i also use.
Late season Winter togging is all about "the one bite" meaning the big fish like to play in the cold. When you get"the bite" your tackle and yourself better be ready fpr her.
Good luck., it's cold out there.
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