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Default Party boat togging

I'm sitting here musing on getting out to tog on one of the big boats running from Brielle or Manasquan when or if winter takes a break. It will be my first time.


How deep do these captains take us? Is it 40 to 60 feet or 90 to 120? For the shallower range I think I might be able to use my slow pitch jigging rod with a 1 or 2 ounce tog jig. The deeper range might require heavier, more traditional rigs like they rent on the boats. I've been watching John Skinner videos and would like to try the lighter tackle he is demonstrating. I just don't want to be the a**hole with the wrong tackle messing things up for everyone else on the boat.

Is there anyone who can give me some idea of what might be best to try or expect? Thanks!
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