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Default Re: Fishing for Atlantic Salmon

Thanks, Kib.

I big part of the fun and frolic of Atlantis salmon fishing lies in the a belief, which is highly individualized, that certain fly patterns excel in drawing more interest from the salmon than others. It is something like the plug love that stripermen exhibit over certain plugs -- you know, yellow Rebels, blue Atoms, pikies. Some salmoneer gets a fish or two on a Bomber and looks down on other casters who fish the traditional wet-fly.
Consistent with fly fishing traditional issues is whether or not the keys to the castle are fly pattern or presentation. I breathe heavy on presentation, less on pattern but I play safe with both. I believe that the presentation -- riffling -- knocks the balls off of salmon and because I worship at both alters, it is done with a black bear/green butt fly because black, a thing I learned in the striper surf, has a strong siluette. which defies the notion that the fly fears anything. Salmon, being that they seem to think so much of themselves, are apparently pi**ed by the arrogance of a black fly. Phuck them, I always say; I fish and they choose. Next time here I will tell you about my life with riffling, why they call me Mister Smarty. Time for cocktails.
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