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Default Re: Fishing for Atlantic Salmon

Frank mentioned the hundreds/thousands of casts before an Atlantic (or Pacific) salmon will take. There are scenarios/conditions that increase your chances of a hookup. Some of those would be:

Number of fish in a run/pool

Freshness of the that are recently in from the ocean are more receptive to offerings than "stale'' fish upriver...which brings us to...

Placement in the river...lower river fish have just barely stopped feeding.

...and then, placement in a pool or run. Fish respond differently when they're in the heads or tails ("tail outs") of pools than when they're milling about mid-pool.

A friend of mine fishes an area in Newfoundland where he hooks about 10 Atlantics a day. Some rivers you may get one follow a week. My friend spends a lot of money and time to make the long haul from Albany, guide, lodge, etc. He's also one of the better fly fisherman out there...which helps.

(A side note on John: He belongs to a small lodge on a small Adirondack lake and manages/maintains their fishery...mostly brookies...some browns. He's a retired physician working...mostly for gas/lodging compensation, full time, evaluating streams for Trout Unlimited. The East Branch Ausable River freezes to the bottom every winter, making it incompatible with natural reproduction. He re-engineered the stream so that a section flows all winter. Fish now reproduce there, and he found a way to do it that cost one-tenth what the Army Corps of Engineers was asking.)
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