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Default Re: Fishing for Atlantic Salmon

I used to fish the steelhead in the Salmon River, Oswego River and all the tributaries of Lake O up through Rochester. Had a ton of fun doing it. Salmon, Monster Brown Trout and Steelhead.

With that being said the best trout fishing I ever experienced was in Milwaukee Harbor, Wisconsin in the shadow of the Sky Scrapers. Guys in suits walking by and were pulling teen sized brown trout and Steelhead. Incredible.

For overall WOW factor try the Olypmic Peninsula in Washington State. I stayed in a town called forks and fished the XXX Duc, Calawah and Hoh Rivers. Natural Steelhead straight from the Pacific Ocean. Mean as demons.....and giant. I saw a guy catch a 45 inch steelhead they called 27 lbs. One of the top ten coolest fish I've ever seen.
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