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Default Re: Bluefish "daisy chaining"

Originally Posted by Francis Daignault View Post
In a lifetime of bluefishing, 99% at night, I could never have observed bluefish behavior in the way Meister describes. I have seen bluefish feeding in the daytime but none of their social behaviours as in daisy chaining.
I've caught them day and night by different methods, and seen them feeding on different types of baitfish...mostly silversides or bunker. I'd read about this behavior(daisychaining) before but I wonder if it's rarely seen unless they're in the shallows...or in my case, looking from above (jetty). Two of my friends when we were kids looking at a lake:
Sean: "Look at ALL that water..."
Brian: "Yeah...and that's just the TOP of it!"
Ah yes...the secret life of fish...
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