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Default Re: The Hunting/Shooting Thread

Merlin, the glow in bluejeans you are talking about is called UV contamination. This comes in the manufacture and is maintained by the laundry detergent. We have a UV filter and thus don't see it. Deer, on the other hand, do not and pick up UV contamination, thus the glow. Your clothes should always be "sport washed" to keep the glow off. You can test your clothing for this brightness by exposing it to a UV bulb. Being an Irishman and having sat at many a bar, ever notice how the white bar rag glows blue. That is the UV bulb under the bar to keep things sterile. One in four light bulbs in hospitals are UV for the control of germs. If military wash their clothes with regular detergent they will be picked up more easily by night vision equip. They are supposed to launder with Milspec detergent provided by command. Otherwise they will glow.

I used to sell Atsko sport wash when doing seminars on this for hunters. Outdoor press is sadly lacking in educating hunters on this stuff. All they talk about is scent. Big mistake.
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