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Default Re: Frustrating trying to outfit young hunters

Originally Posted by Tonyc1 View Post
Took my son to Cabelas looking to get him his first hunting vest - 30 diff styles of fluorescent adult vests. None in youth size - he was bummed. I had the same thing there 2 years ago when I took my daughter to get her 1st vest. Where does Cabelas think the next generation of hunters is going to come from. Then top things off they didn't have the 16ga ammo I like - mightas well shop at walmart...... Luckily Dick's had a vest for him - they of course don't carry 16ga ammo.
Tony because you live out of the sink holes of Ma and NJ you can order your ammo on line. Of course order enough that justifies the shipping charges although many are giving free shipping in today's economony. Try natchez or cheaper then dirt.

Regarding the safety vest: You can go to a material, sewing store and buy the soft material (safety orange) and with the help of usually a neighborhood friend or female relative make your own. The over the head kind is my choice with draw strings at the bottom. The only reason I like the over the head model is I often hunt in my old military poncho (bad weather) so I can when sitting tuck gun underneath.
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