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Don't know if anyone here is familiar with the Cape Cod Canal--it's illegal for anything without power, but coming in the other day in the boat, I see this little kayak paddling across the canal, just outside the marina, near the mouth of the east end.Horrified doesn't begin to describe my feelings on seeing that guy. Incredibly, very few boats were chugging thru at that moment, just me and another good size boat. The Coast Guard was close to him (but not close enuf to swamp) and threw him a life jacket, then followed him into the marina. I'm sure to fine him. But not even a PFD????? My God, WHAT was he thinking?? Usually you can count on a few tankers coming thru and waking even a smaller power boat.I can't get that sight out of my mind! Feel like he was very very lucky that he lived to get a ticket..??
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