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Default Re: Al Bentsen: Your Googan Days?

Good thread. Here's some of mine.
First year surfcasting a famous rivermouth. I'm tossing an Atom popper for big blues with limited success. Others are doing well with Rangers (name unknown to me). I'm wearing dark amber, polarized sunglasses. Decide to buy some at a well known tackle shop. I walk in and stare at the selection of Rangers sans sunglasses. Don't see the color others were using. Shop owner asks if I need help. It turns into a "This is the color".
"No, its not!!" conversation.
Eventually, I buy one, walk outside, put the glasses back on and ... Dooh!! It's the first and last time I ever disagreed with Kay!!

Second story shows fishing is suppose to be fun, so laugh ... at yourself. I had decided to learn how to use a casting reel ... at age 45. First casts are into the snow filled park. I want to be ready when the season starts. After about 15 combined hours of practice, it's time to try in early May. I hit the beach with only one other angler in sight. He's a long time high-liner, the son of a famous bassboat captain. As we talk, the first schoolies of the season appear at our feet. All my practices were focused on casting as far as I could. Never tried just flipping the bucktail. He casts, fish on. I cast and birdsnest on. I could see the smile thru the back of his head as he walked away, following the school. By the time I got it sorted out, he and the fish was gone. From time to time, he sees me at the baitshop, looking at the selection of casting reels. "Got one of those figured out yet?", he still asks, 5 years later. We're still laughing about it.
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